Q-How does a person become a SunEdge Business Owner?

A-A person must be sponsored into the SunEdge business by an active SunEdge Business Owner. The sponsoring Business Owner is responsible for teaching the new Business Owner about the SunEdge business.


Q-What is the cost of joining SunEdge business?

A-There is no cost of joining the SunEdge business.


Q-Are SunEdge Business Owners employees of the company?

A-No. SunEdge Business Owners are independent distributors and not employees of the company.


Q-How many products does SunEdge offer?

A-SunEdge offers high quality products carrying brand names including In 


(i) Health Care 


(ii) Agriculture Sector (Organic) 


(iii) Home Essential 


(iv) Ayurvedic Product’s


(iv) Personal Care 


Q-How can I buy SunEdge products?

A-SunEdge TM products are sold by SunEdge Business Owners only. For more information, contact us on customer care or through working SBO.


Q-Is SunEdge publicly or privately held?

  1. Sunedge Marketing Pvt Ltd, privately held by its Directors 


Q-When was SunEdge founded?

A-SunEdge was founded in 2016 by its Director. For more information, visit the http://sunedge.co.in.

Q-Does SunEdge have any influence over a Business Owner's business?

A-To become an SunEdge Business Owner, an individual must sign an agreement to abide by SunEdge's Rules of Conduct. Each year, they voluntarily renew that promise when they renew their SunEdge business. Our Rules promote ethical direct selling principles and provide practical procedures for all Business Owners to observe in operating their SunEdge businesses. The Rules of Conduct, which are largely in accordance with local, legal requirements, mandate certain business practices to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations and to preserve harmony among Business Owners. SunEdge has the right to enforce these Rules through its contract with its Business Owners-up to and including terminating that contract.

Q-Does SunEdge really give people more free time, or does it require a lot of time to succeed?

A-Like any small business, it takes hard work to succeed in the SunEdge business, and that requires time and commitment, especially in the beginning. Our research shows that most people understand this very well But the SunEdge business does offer flexibility for our Business Owners in running their business. Unlike most conventional jobs, SunEdge Business Owners can work at home, when they want, at their own pace, on their own schedule, according to the goals they have set for themselves. For some, that means if they need an afternoon to attend their child's school play, play golf or see a friend, they can arrange their work schedule to allow this. The choice of when, where and how much time to devote to their SunEdge business is theirs alone. This flexibility is one important reason why the opportunity appeals to so many people around the world.


Q-Is product pricing competitive?

A-Our products are price-competitive and good value for the money. We know this from our market surveys, Business Owner feedback and, ultimately, by the sales growth of all our product lines over the years. Our data shows that while some of our products are more expensive than their counterparts, others are less expensive and most are competitively priced. Products that are more expensive usually have greater features and benefits over competitive goods. Many SunEdge TM products are highly concentrated, meaning a single purchase lasts longer. On a cost-per-use basis, these products are priced very competitively. It is also important to note that SunEdge Business Owners are selling more than just products-they're also selling an exceptional level of service. SunEdge products are delivered directly to the customer and are backed by the SunEdge Satisfaction Guarantee. SunEdge's extensive product line makes it possible for customers to do virtually all their shopping without leaving home or worrying about the hassles of returns. Their business owner does all the work for them. This convenience is very appealing to many of today's busy people, and for many it is worth a little bit more. The consumer is the ultimate judge of price and value, and our sales success over the years speaks volumes about our product value and customer satisfaction.


Q-Is it true that you don't have to sell-just buy the products for yourself and recruit others to do the same?

A-You can't make money in the SunEdge business unless SunEdge TM products are sold. To say otherwise misrepresents the SunEdge Sales and Marketing Plan-a violation of our rules


Q-How do SunEdge products rank in comparative tests?

A-SunEdge products are rated very favourably for performance in various tests around the world. We are proud of our products and our commitment to research and development. Unlike other direct selling companies that use outside contractors to develop and manufacture most, if not all, of their products, Consumers are the ultimate judges of product quality. They may buy a product once, but if its quality and value don't measure up, they probably won't buy it again. SunEdge's own consumer research and sustained global success show that consumers think our products are top rate.


Q-What does SunEdge see as the role of women in the SunEdge business?

A-The SunEdge business opportunity is open to everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, religion, or political or other personal beliefs. The SunEdge business appeals to women, men, couples, and families from all backgrounds. SunEdge has helped to empower millions of women around the world by offering them a low-cost, low-risk opportunity to achieve their goals by owning their own business. This fact is especially gratifying to us. There are countless examples of women who have achieved success in the SunEdge business.

Q-Is SunEdge's business continuing to grow?

A-Yes. There remain many opportunities for SunEdge's business to grow. SunEdge has opened its business opportunity in many new countries in the past decade-over 3 since 2016. Continued development in these countries will fuel long-term growth. SunEdge will also continue to explore new opportunities for growth in well-established countries, including innovative products and new ways for people to become involved with SunEdge-as Business Owners, product retailers, or consumers. Right now, SunEdge is investing in enhancing and expanding our manufacturing and distribution facilities to support the growth we expect in the coming decades. The prospects for growth remain strong.


Q-Is the business plan today as valid as it was over 3years ago and every year market Trend is change?

A-Absolutely. The SunEdge Sales and Marketing Plan, with its roots in the basic elements of free enterprise, is a proven business concept. Originating almost half a century ago, this business plan has been continually refined and enhanced to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. And Market Trend is not changing that actual networker or Fraud Company make this environment in Market .



To carry out resale of SunEdge products, you may be required to register with the VAT /GST authorities of the State in which you are carrying out this business. Under the GST Act, there are certain threshold limits for registration. Please refer the standard lists on Government websides.