About Us

Sun Edge Marketing Private Limited started its operations in the year 2016 with the aim and objective to become one of India’s most promising direct selling companies. With our vast variety of products and value added services along with our golden opportunity provided by Sun Edge Freedom Plan leverages us among other players in our industry.

We at Sun Edge are constantly on the path of growth and progress with the clear thought of providing entrepreneurship culture in our organization. An environment of introducing time freedom and financial freedom with our Sun Edge Freedom Plan. Sun Edge is an ISO 9001-2015 certified direct selling company with esteemed industry recognitions to support market credibility to promote products under their own brand and further impart commission on the sale of products to their distributors.

We strongly believe in world class service which needs to catered with utmost affection to all our distributors and customers. With over online and offline sales outlets pan India, multiple international offices and several distributor centers, Sun Edge has been building a widespread network of successful Sun Edge believes in empowering it’s distributors with equal opportunity which shall be fostered upon to provide result driven outcomes in their own direct selling business. Our management’s motto is simple to spread wellness among all by providing the beautiful opportunity of Sun Edge Freedom Plan to enrich the lives of all around us.

Our Key Features

Vast variety of Quality Products made easily available through our trusted distributors.

Attractive benefits on the sale of SunEdge products through SunEdge Freedom Plan.

Duly complied with the Consumer Protection(Direct Selling) Rules,2021 and the Consumer Protection Act,2019.

Proud member to one of direct Selling industry association FIDSI(Federation of Indian Direct Selling Industries)

Core Values


Our Success is accomplished by clear defined goals, driven by ambition, passion and hard work where being financially independent plays an important role.


Our potential to conduct orientation and onboard our distributors with the system of duplication of successful traits of being a direct seller and polish his / her energy for greatness makes us unique.


Working together to establish a successful network of distributors following the key objectives laid out by Sun Edge Freedom Plan to accomplish defined goals.


We invest our time, effort and money to learn the art of successful direct selling in order to strategize business opportunities resulting in self and team development.


We aim at providing constant guidance, an environment for effective learning through education and experience to perform each day with better results in conducting successful direct selling.

Excellence in Network

We aim to work in synergy, in order to develop leadership and team building to ensure that the objectives laid out by our Management are on track and are achieved timely as planned.