Vision & Mission

SunEdge Mkt Pvt Ltd


The Name SunEdge is full with fire and power. The Company SunEdge Has Been Establish to help passion of people who want to perceive passive Income. Though the SunEdge As Company is yet to create history of success, we are actively creating that history day by day with support of all our associates and leaders We are committed to full fill long vision of company.

Our professional and creative market research team has innovative approach to provide new product and require service as per market need.The product range of SunEdge is largely require in market and use full to all our customers.

Our Master PDC & PDC (Product Dispatch Centre) along with our services Stations having presence in 5 states and soon looking to expand in 25 more states We are very much aware that Time is Important Factor in process of SUCCESS so are committed in providing solutions on short span of time OUR decision MAKING process is TRANSPRANT, SHORT & SIMPLE to Understand.

SunEdge Mkt Pvt Ltd

SunEdge engages and educates the public on the ways direct selling empowers individuals, supports communities and strengthens economies worldwide.

Are you ready for a change? SunEdge has helped lots of people all over the world look better, feel better and live the life of their dreams. Discover sunedge’s Incentives and learn how you can build your own business and have the life you deserve. Earn global travel, cash bonuses, a new car, recognition for your hard work, network with world business leaders and more!

  • Offer a quality direct selling business opportunity
  • Build, inspire, train and retain a sales force
  • Develop effective sales force and customer communications - print and web
  • Create exciting customer promotions and sales force incentives
  • Plan for financial success
  • Produce exciting events