Terms & Condition

SunEdge Mkt Pvt Ltd

1. Distributor, will not have any right, title, interest or claim on any of the Company Assets, information etc and shall never initiate any action to claim a share in the same


2. This document shall be fully completed and signed by the applicant by the SunEdge Mkt. Pvt. Ltd. the Said company has option to may reject any reason for the same and the decision of the said company will be final and binding. The duly completed Application form may constitute the ld agreement between SunEdge Mkt. Pvt. Ltd. and applicant whose signature and other identification data appear overleaf .

3. The Company's Product, Will be delivered Only after receiving the receipt of the application form in original (and the payment) is his I her personal use.There is no replace & no change in product


4. Nothing in this Agreement Shall establish as employment or any other labour relationship between the Distributor and Company, nothing shall establish the ID's Position as a partner, procurer, broker and/or the Company


5. The company will make all payment on account of commission and I or incentive through account payee Cheque/NEFT drown in favor of the applicants only or deposit the said amount into the applicant's Account only after deduct ion of all applicable fees and statutory requirement as governed by the low of the land.

6. The company shall as and when required at its option and sole decision ament the Rules, Regulations, Policies Procedures, Terms & Condition of the Business relationship and shall notify any amendments, alteration,deletions or additions by updating in the Rule book and/or its Web side. It is the ID's responsibility to keep track oft he same.

7. The Business Plan of the Company and the Statement Rule and Regulation as amended from time to time and any addendum as displayed on the notice board maintained in the corporate office of the Company and all such documents constitute the entire agreement of the parties regarding their business relationship .the Company expressly reserves the exclusive right to alter or ament these Rules and regulations Updating on the website and notification by display on the notice bord maintained in the Corporate office of the company. such amendments are automat ically incorporated as part of this Agreement between the Company and the customer and ID and are binding upon the parties.

8. The Company will not be responsible in case communication I incentive is not received by the ID due to incomplete address and details as given by him/her.

9. All disputes are subject to pune jurisdiction. The Company can terminate this relationship with ID at any time (without assigning any reasons to the Applicant for the same), if the Company is of the opening that the provisions of the Rule of conduct are not beingfollowed or any Company activities are being carried out.

10. While submitting cheque, its details, name, Mobile no.and User ID should be written on the back sidw of the cheque .After cheque clearance, product & Epin will be issued. Penalty will be levied ifthe cheque is dishonored.

11. trimming, Simulation and service charges will be deducted as per company norms. TDS will be deducted as formulated by the Government .These charges are subject to change time to time Applicable TDS 5% and Admin Charges 10% w.e.f. 1st April2015 PAN details are mandatory for every user ID otherwise 20% TDSwill be charged


12. Distribution has to make two direct sales (being referral I sponsor of that ID) of minimum to generate payout. Minimum without 15 days form the date of application to the corporate office. Any other down line or chain snatching will not be tolerated immediate action will be taken distributor will be responsible for the consequences .

13 All Contest,Targets, Gifts will Decided by Company .